More Ratings Sources Now Available On The Website

Back in April Netflix decided to remove ratings and replace them with a more simplistic thumbs up/down system and this meant we could no longer show you the average rating for each show. So, we are pleased to say that we now show up to four ratings from different sources on the website. If you head on over to the main New On Netflix site you can see for yourself.

We now show the historical ratings from Netflix (before the thumbs were introduced and obviously these won’t get updated anymore), the IMDb rating, Metacritic rating and Rotten Tomatoes score. These are handily converted into a 5-star system so they can easily be compared. Hover your mouse over them and the actual rating will be shown in the text. Please note that some films and series may not have Metacritic or Rotten Tomatoes scores but nearly all should have at least IMDb.

We hope you find this a helpful resource and we welcome any feedback or suggestions.

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9 thoughts on “More Ratings Sources Now Available On The Website

  1. As I understood it, the Netflix star ratings weren’t an ‘average’ rating anyway… they were just a guess by their algorithm as to how much you’d like something depending on your own previous ratings.

    In other words, the star rating you were shown was only relevant to you yourself, and everyone would see a different rating depending on their previous ratings on other items.

    EDIT: Yeah…

    1. The stars that YOU saw were an estimate at what Netflix thought YOU would rate it. In the source code, however, was the actual average rating as well their estimate for you.

      All the Netflix ratings on my site were average user rating and NOT your rating. They are 2 different things. The average user rating was never actually displayed on the site unless you were not logged in.

    2. Adam Wright Hiya – I’ve just re-read my reply and it comes across a bit aggressive/sanctimonious! It wasn’t my intention – the capitals were to emphasise ‘you’ as in ‘one’ and not you personally… :/

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