Netflix Announce Full Cast for The Crown Season 3

Netflix Original series “The Crown” has been one of their most successful series to date. The show follows the British Royal Family and, in particular, Queen Elizabeth II, from the 1940s through to modern times. Season 1 was set from 1947 through to 1956 with season 2 covering the years 1956 through to 1963 so the characters have already gone through over 15 years of storytelling it’s time to make them look older! So season 3, expected in 2019, will bring about a whole new cast to show the family members getting older without relying on expensive special effects. So let’s take a look at who will be replacing the main cast:

Queen Elizabeth II – Olivia Colman (replacing Claire Foy)

Prince Philip – Tobias Menzies (replacing Matt Smith)

Princess Margaret – Helena Bonham Carter (replacing Vaness Kirby)

Prime Minister Harold Wilson – Jason Watkins (new character)

Let us know what you think of the new cast announcements in the comments below!

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