Netflix Announce Seven New UK Productions from Joe Cornish, Rowan Atkinson and More

When you think of UK-produced Netflix shows you probably jump straight to “The Crown” or maybe the recently re-ignited “Top Boy”.  Well, that is going to grow soon with seven (yes, seven) new UK-productions in the works for Netflix. Read on for the details about each:

THE RED ZONE: From writers Barney Ronay & Jonathan Liew and executive-producer Sam Mendes, this is a comedy about football. But also not about football. Mainly it’s a story about the people and the surfaces that collide in the orbit of this strange world of bluffers, sharks and genuine talent.

MAN VS BEE: Renowned actor and comedian Rowan Atkinson plays a new character in this riotous comedy. A man finds himself at war with a bee while housesitting a luxurious mansion. Who will win, and what irreparable damage will be done in the process?

CUCKOO SONG: A gripping horror story about two warring sisters – one human, one monster – who must unite to reverse a supernatural pact gone horribly wrong, and with it mend their grief-stricken family. Based on the novel by Frances Hardinge.

BABY REINDEER: Based on a compelling true story, the hit 2019 Edinburgh Fringe one-man stage-play follows the writer/performer Richard Gadd’s warped relationship with his female stalker and the impact it has on him as he is ultimately forced to face a deep, dark buried trauma…

HALF BAD: The illegitimate son of the world’s most feared witch, Nathan has spent his whole life being monitored for signs he may follow the same destructive path as his father. An angsty, roller-coaster ride of a young adult show, from Giri/Haji and Humans writer Joe Barton.

THE SEVEN DEATHS OF EVELYN HARDCASTLE: Writer and creator Sophie Petzal brings us this mind-bending murder mystery which presents an intriguing puzzle – how do you solve a murder when every time you are getting close to the answer, you wake up in someone else’s body?

LOCKWOOD & CO: From writer/lead director Joe Cornish, a supernatural action adventure about a tiny London startup. More specifically, a *ghost-hunting* startup, run by two teenage boys and a newly arrived, supremely psychically gifted girl.

As well as these new titles, new seasons of the existing UK shows are currently in production with: “Sex Education” Season 3, “Top Boy” Season 2, “After Life” Season 3, and “The Crown” Season 5, as well as new titles “Anatomy of a Scandal”, “The Last Bus” and Harlan Coben’s “Stay Close”.

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