Netflix Announces “Spectros” New Supernatural Thriller Series From Brazil

Netflix has announced a new supernatural thriller series “Spectros” from writer and director Douglas Petrie (Buffy The Vampire Slayer, American Horror Story: Coven). Filming for the 8-episode, Brazillian show will begin in November and be released globally on Netflix in 2019.

In season one of Spectros, the audience will come on board for a supernatural thriller that will unleash the long-buried stories that have been lying for hundreds of years in Liberdade, a neighborhood in São Paulo known by its large Japanese community. The series will revolve around a group of five teenagers inadvertently drawn into an unearthly reality they cannot comprehend and that ties back to the same part of the town in 1908. Once confronted by increasingly bizarre and grim events, the group will reach an unfathomable conclusion: someone is bringing back the dead and those spirits will want vengeance for the mistakes done in the past.

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