Netflix Announces Their First International Spin-Off of Their “Queer Eye” Series

Netflix has announced that a German version of “Queer Eye”, cunningly titled “Queer Eye Germany”, will be their first international spin-off of the popular show. A new Fab 5 has also been announced for the show that will help transform the lives of five different people across five episodes which will launch in 2022.

The show premiered in 2003 as “Queer Eye For The Straight Guy” which ran on Bravo for five seasons and had a number of international spin-offs. Netflix’s reboot premiered in 2018 to positive reviews and has collected nine Primetime Emmy Awards with a sixth season arriving on New Year’s Eve.

Over five episodes, the Fab 5 provide inspiration for positive change to the stories of their five everyday heroes – including a young soccer coach’s coming out, a single father’s way back into dating, and a shaken young woman’s journey to finally enjoying life. Truly fabulous!

You can meet the new Fab 5 below:

Leni Bolt (Expertise: Life): Leni is an expert for time management & mindfulness in all aspects of everyday life, a work/life coach, podcast host and hippie at heart with one mission: to change negative perspectives and help people become happy.

Jan-Henrik Scheper-Stuke (Expertise: Fashion): Fashionable from a young age, Jan-Henrik is the dandy  of the group. The managing director of the Berlin-based luxury outfitter Auerbach is truly a fashion expert. He also hosts numerous shows about fashion and luxury goods on national television and was in charge of a style column for a Berlin newspaper.

David Jakobs (Expertise: Beauty): Influencer, hair and make-up artist David takes care of all beauty-related matters. It is especially important to her that the participants find a beauty routine that makes them feel good in their skin.

Aljosha Muttardi (Expertise: Health): Aljosha is a doctor and nutritionist who built a community of over 200,000 subscribers on Youtube. In Queer Eye Germany, he helps build a healthier lifestyle, not only in terms of food, but also mental health and physical excercise.

Ayan Yuruk (Expertise: Design): Ayan is the interior design ace of the Fab 5. As founder and creative director of the brand space agency Showz, he is a master when it comes to the redesign of spaces. He ensures that the mentees find the perfect recreational space in their homes.

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