Netflix Are Bringing an End to Their User Reviews This Month

Ever since Netflix dropped the 5-star ratings, user reviews have taken a back-step on the Netflix website. Now Netflix have announced that they are removing the user reviews from 30th July as their usage has declined. This does make sense as the thumbs up/down system was designed to be quick and easy; writing a review doesn’t fit with the ‘quick and easy’ approach so people were less inclined to do it. Also, it was rather difficult to find where to write a review on the website…

Hi [name],

You contributed a review on Netflix within the last year. We wanted to let you know that this feature will be retired on 14th August due to declining usage.

We appreciate you taking time to write a review. All of your reviews will be available at until 14th August.

–The Netflix Team

So, if you like to read reviews and will miss the official user reviews on Netflix then why not head over to our own reviews site at

Updated 31st July – the date has changed from 30th July to 14th August

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14 thoughts on “Netflix Are Bringing an End to Their User Reviews This Month

  1. They didn’t exactly make them hugely visible. Maybe they’d have gotten more use if you didn’t have to select the show, then click details, then click all reviews to see more than the two they pick as the “top reviews”.

    1. Just looked on my phone app, I can find where I can rate something, but can’t find other users ratings.
      I’d not read your instructions, so it’s not obvious.

      Any ratings are only really useful alongside where it has year, certificate, etc., where there’s loads of blank space to put a basic percentage or out of ten rating.

    1. I wouldn’t bet a mortgage on it, but I’ve been an on and off subscriber since when it was launched in the UK, and I’m “fairly” sure it did.

      The only service like it I’ve dabbled in back in the earlier days was Now TV. It may have been their but it seems unlikely, and from memory I recall it with red white and black. Netflix interface not Now’s, which was white back

      Hope this illustrates I’m not claiming I’m right 😀

      But would be ideal.

      Naughty Kodi add ons have it.

    2. I don’t remember them, even going back to the original grey and red website with the white logo.

      Anyway, I don’t think they’ll add them as Amazon own IMDb and would they want to promote competition?

      Regardless, our website has IMDb ratings as well as TMDB net, MetaCritic and Rotten Tomatoes 🙂

  2. I think they should have kept the reviews but they are not easy to find if you do not use a mainframe computer for Netflix. I often find reviews informative and helpful on IMDB and Amazon with an independent perspective.

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