Netflix are Testing a New Approach to Control Binge-Watching and Increase Global Health

UPDATE: Obviously this was an April fool but we’ll leave it up for entertainment.

Netflix have recently come under fire from a number of medical professionals throughout the world for causing increased heart disease from the sedentary lifestyle adopted by most binge-watchers. Most recently, they even tested a system designed to help kids binge-watch from their pre-school years but this was cancelled after the World Health Organisation (W.H.O.) intervened.

However, for some this just wasn’t enough. A spokesman for Binge Stoppers (B.S.) said “What Netflix are doing is immoral – they literally force people to sit still and watch TV hour after hour by providing so much content. It’s clear that they won’t reduce their content so they must act now to stop people binge-watching. It isn’t healthy and our nation is suffering because of Netflix.”

At present Netflix simply asks you if you’re still watching after a few episodes and the user can just click on “Continue watching”. This, according to the B.S., just isn’t enough as the viewer is still sat still.

We reached out to Netflix a few days ago and they have now shared these exclusive test screens from an upcoming new feature that they hope will appease the B.S. but also allow users to binge-watch if they desire. The new feature will roll out from tomorrow and Avril Poisson, head of Netflix’s Binge-Development Team, hopes that “these new screens will prompt our users to get up and research in order to continue to watch their favorite shows” and that by doing so they will “get some much needed exercise and maybe learn a few things too”. Of course, the viewer could just search on their phone or tablet for the answers…

You can see some a sample set of the new “Are You Still Watching” screens below:

Do you think the new tests will have any impact on your health? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Last night I was asked twice to continue, I had your amazing box set of nature to music, art. At first it helped me meditate, then stretch, then I studied. Achieving a 92% pass on my mock exam. Need a taichi on there, or yoga. That be even better.

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