Netflix Are Testing New Prices for UK Subscribers – Price Increase On the Way?

Netflix has been spotted testing a price increase for their UK subscribers over the last few weeks with the highest price possibly increasing from £9.99 a month to £12.99. There are three sets of pricing currently being shown to potential new UK sign ups which do include the current prices. Netflix offers three tiers which increase in features as the price increases; these are Basic (1 screen, SD video quality), Standard (2 screens, HD video quality) and Premium (4 screens, UHD/4K video quality) which currently cost £5.99, £7.99 and £9.99 a month respectively. The new prices being tested are shown below:

Tier Current Test 1 Test 2
Basic £5.99 £6.99 £6.99
Standard £7.99 £8.99 £9.99
Premium £9.99 £10.99 £12.99

Netflix told Digital Spy that “We are testing slightly different prices to better understand how members value Netflix. Not everyone will see this test and we may never roll out these specific prices beyond this test. Our goal is to ensure that Netflix is always great value for money.”

So while there are no firm plans to increase the prices, it may be worth keeping it in the back of your mind that there may be a slight increase in the coming months. As with previous price increases it is likely that Netflix will honour their current prices for a few months before emailing you about your increase. And, if you’re not happy with potentially having to pay a maximum of £12.99 a month then just remember that it’s still less than half the price of NowTV’s full package at £27.96 a month for 2 screens and a restricted number of devices.

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50 thoughts on “Netflix Are Testing New Prices for UK Subscribers – Price Increase On the Way?

  1. I read somewhere that if it goes to £12.99 for premium then it be as much as tv licence for year,so bye bye Netflix if that happens,I welcome britbox,Disney plus,warner,apple.Netflix wont be able to keep price increases to continue,roll on the competion

  2. Definitely worth the price. Netflix are investing in some amazing shows and films, and that money has to come from somewhere. Netflix aren’t a charity, they’re a business.

  3. The difference between NowTV and Netflix is that with NowTV you can repeatedly go on to “cancel” and then they offer you a retention offer. I’m currently paying less than £10 a month total for movies and entertainment passes.

  4. Don’t see the fuss it’s only £2 a month price of a cup of coffee I was paying £180 a month for sky tv I cancelled that bought Apple TV now I just watch Netflix prime video and will end up getting Disney plus once that released only thing I’m missing out on is been able to watch the boxing or ufc I’m able to watch bbc itv etc through their apps on Apple TV I did get now tv for a month I think it’s great value but only streams at 720p

  5. I’ve almost exhausted the netflix library. Watched.everything I pretty much wanted to watch or am interested in. It’s only recently added that’s of any interest to me now, so no if it’s over £10 a month for the HD middle sub I’ll move somewhere new.

  6. Why are people acting like it’s £20 a month?
    Everything goes up in prices and most of the stuff they’ve been putting on is actually good so it’s definitely worth the money! I don’t even watch normal tv now. Just netflix. If you don’t like it, don’t pay it. Simple

  7. The reason everyone is getting netflix cuz its cheaper than sky. If they keep hiking thr prices they will loose customers whr most things are available to download free online!

  8. I would complain, but just over a tenner a month for something I watch basically 90% of the time ain’t exactly a bad deal – I ditched TV aerial years ago, and sky/virgin would want more than double that for four times as much rubbish…

  9. Netflix seems to be more and more foreign content. I go to watch something and its either not in English, dubbed or its subtitles. So annoying. No, I don’t think it’s worth the increase. I’ve heard you can choose Netflix by country but no idea how I watch on apple tv. Maybe there should be an option easily available to choose programs in each language. I don’t want to watch Korean, Turkish, Spanish, Asian or whatever programs. I’m paying for UK Netflix.

  10. US netflix has loads more to watch. Used to be able to get it until they blocked it. Don’t see why we shouldn’t be able to watch other countries content just so long as we pay subs.
    Too much asian stuff being added atm.

    1. UK Netflix currently has 5,759 titles, USA Netflix currently has 6,024 – hardly “loads more”. Also, all the “Asian stuff” you seem to not like is also on Netflix USA…

      Regarding other country’s content – well, that’s down to the distributors / studios / rights owners – if they tell Netflix they can only show it in France then they have to stick to that. That doesn’t give you an automatic right to have access to other country content.

  11. 10 new additions today … 8 are foreign and this is pretty much standard every day… I pay the premium already with having 2 daughters obsessed with rupaul …. but if it goes up again … I’ll cancel …. Vince Thompson

  12. With most of Disney material going over to their stream and with UK mainstream channels coming together to create britbox for the UK , Netflix will soon be left with only their content . I’m not sure if this is enough to make me pay more a month .

  13. I’ve done some stats for those who keep bleeting on about how USA has loads that the UK doesn’t. Guess what, we have around as much stuff on UK Netflix that USA don’t get.

    Titles in UK but not in USA: 1509
    Titles in USA but not in UK: 1774

    That’s 4,252 titles that are available in both the UK and USA. Now, in October 2017 that was quite different (

    UK Netflix has 1,704 titles that USA Netflix doesn’t.
    USA Netflix has 2,631 titles that UK Netflix doesn’t.

    There are 2,998 titles that are available in both regions.

  14. £3 a month is quite an increase percentage-wise, I’m going to change to the £7.99 option from now then. There’s not that much 4k content and on my 49“ Sony, the difference between HD and 4K content is negligible.

    It’ll come to a point where people choose between services instead of taking a hit for increases on everything. If all my bills go up by 30% I can’t pay my bills.

  15. I like a lot of the foreign stuff some people seem to complain about. I’m pretty sure that they are adding all that stuff in addition to producing more English language programmes than ever before too though so I don’t think anyone is being short-changed. As far as price increases go I realise people have to manage their overall subscriptions based on what they can afford but at £9.99 a month Netflix would still be the one I’d choose to maintain even if their price increase meant I had to cut back on something else. The main thing to remember is that it’s not compulsory to keep your subscription going permanently either so anyone who can afford to pay £7.99 a month for 12 months can still afford to subscribe for at least 9 months at the new price. Of course Netflix – and other streaming services – bank on the fact that the vast majority of people wont manage their subscriptions that way but if money is tight it’s an option. And if we do end up getting Disney+, Apple & other new streaming services with content people want to see it will likely become more of a necessity for more people.

  16. I had these prices when I resubscribed back in like January or maybe even before but I only got these prices when I tried to do it through chrome!! Edge was the normal prices… Weird

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