Netflix are Testing New “Ultra” Price Tier and Changes to Number of Screens

At present there are 3 price tiers for Netflix depending how many screens you want to view on simultaneously and what resolution video you want to receive. These tiers and prices are shown below:

Basic – £5.99 / $7.99 / €7.99 – 1 screen – SD quality
Standard – £7.99 / $10.99 / €10.99 – 2 screens – HD quality
Premium – £9.99 / $13.99 / €13.99 – 4 screens – UHD quality

The new price tier for Ultra is being shown by Italian Blog Tutto Android as being €16.99 which allows 4 screens in Ultra HD. The Premium tier currently allows 4 screens in UHD but this may be reduced to 2 screens UHD and the Standard tier may be reduced to a single screen in HD (some users are being shown the new screen numbers while others the current numbers).

Ultra – ~£11.99 / $16.99 / €16.99 – 4 screens – UHD quality

While this isn’t technically a price increase, if it is rolled out then many users will need to upgrade to the next tier to continue getting the same level of service. I currently subscribe to the Standard plan at £7.99 a month as we never need more than 2 screens at the same time, however if that is reduced to a single screen then I will need to upgrade to the Premium plan in order to keep using it on 2 screens.

One thing to bear in mind is that with previous contractual/subscription changes Netflix have always allowed users to continue on their current price point for a considerable time after the price has changed so we would expect a similar approach if the number of screens does end up being reduced.

CNET received an email from Netflix stating that “We continuously test new things at Netflix and these tests typically vary in length of time. In this case, we are testing slightly different price points and features to better understand how consumers value Netflix.”  They also clarified that the tests may not end up being rolled out.

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31 thoughts on “Netflix are Testing New “Ultra” Price Tier and Changes to Number of Screens

  1. Keep pushing that price up whilst drowning the service in reality TV rubbish that is freely available on ITV & C4. It’s not the service it was 5 years ago, Amazon is a clear winner at the moment for me.

  2. That’s… not good. I didn’t really mind the last increase, and at least it was ‘up front’. IF they should go ahead with this, it’s a bit of a nasty, sneaky way of doing it. As you say, it wouldn’t technically be a price increase, but if people have to pay more for a new tier to get the same as they have now, they’ll catch some flak.

    Somehow, I don’t see them going through with it, at least not in this fashion.

  3. I think most accounts streaming more than 2 simultaneous UHD streams will be the ones where other family/friends households are sharing the account. Many would be ok on less if it was cheaper.

    1 screen for 7.99 would tip me over the edge and away. Currently both the kids can watch stuff during the time we’re not using it. It’s perfect but £8 is my limit. We cannot watch “just anything”.

    The kids will. They’ll be fine on something free like Crackle

  4. Its got rubbish now and not living up to the hype it once had. Also they are obsessed with virtue signalling now, viewing most of their originals openings is the proof in the pudding.

  5. I’m not really that interested in a lot of the Netflix productions, or the crap I didn’t wanna watch on ITV or C4. There has been no decent binge worthy tv added for months now. Why should I pay more.

  6. would like to know why there are so many bollywood movies…i for one would rather watch european made movies….its like there is some mixup somewhere.

  7. Netflix try to have the same content everywhere where possible so that means UK, Canada, Australia, France, Czech Republic, India etc will have Bollywood movies, they also all have American stuff and British stuff and Chinese stuff a Spanish stuff…

    If there’s anything specific then you can request Netflix add it. Info here:

  8. I can see why they’d not want people giving out free screens and limiting all users to two screens (it wouldn’t efffect me as we only use two and are on the 9.99 sub), but forcing people on half of their subscriptions into using one screen or paying more will probably lose them a lot more than a few subscriptions.

    I really rate the service, but it’s ill-advised to even test the water for this. Just sounds like they are thinking of squeezing people.

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