Netflix Confirm Price Increase for UK Subscribers

Earlier in the year Netflix were spotted testing some new prices for their UK subscribers and they have now confirmed that the prices will be going up – however, not as much as the earlier tests had indicated. In the first price increase for the UK since October 2017 the Basic subscription (1 screen, SD video quality) remains at £5.99 a month and the Standard (2 screens, HD video quality) has increased from £7.99 to £8.99 a month. The highest tier, Premium (4 screens, UHD/4K video quality), has gone up from £9.99 a month to £11.99. The new prices, and previous test prices, are shown below.

Tier Current Test 1 Test 2 New Price
Basic £5.99 £6.99 £6.99 £5.99
Standard £7.99 £8.99 £9.99 £8.99
Premium £9.99 £10.99 £12.99 £11.99

Current subscribers will pay the new prices in the coming weeks (expect an email confirmation from Netflix before the price changes) and new subscribers will pay the updated prices right away.

As with previous price increases it is likely that Netflix will honour their current prices for a few months before emailing you about your increase. And, if you’re not happy with having to pay a maximum of £11.99 a month then just remember that it’s still considerably less than half the price of NowTV’s full package at £27.96 a month for 2 screens and a restricted number of devices.

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20 thoughts on “Netflix Confirm Price Increase for UK Subscribers

  1. Fake news….premium ultra hd is only £9.99 connects 4 screens and that was tuesday and im still paying £5.99 for 2 screens no price chance…..if putting price up netflix best update there films quicker as at moment im watching pre released cinema films online

  2. I’m really disappointed that everything new on Netflix seems to star children and teens and everything seems to be aimed at kids. nothing has any depth to it or actors that are more than pretty faces and haircuts. It’s a real shame and I find myself just watching biographies on YouTube and so forth as it is all low brow crap for children.

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