Netflix Drops Trailer for “Horse Girl” – Darkly Humorous Psychological Thriller

Alison Brie (“G.L.O.W.”) stars in a strange new Netflix film called “Horse Girl” which will arrive on the streaming network on February 7th – shortly after its premier at the Sundance Festival later this month. The film, produced by the Duplass Brothers (“Safety Not Guaranteed”), follows socially isolated arts and crafts store employee Sarah who prefers the company of horses and supernatural crime shows more than she does other people. All this changes when she meets a new man and starts having a series of strange dreams and visions that she finds hard to distinguish from reality. Are aliens really involved? You can see the trailer and some production images below.

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One thought on “Netflix Drops Trailer for “Horse Girl” – Darkly Humorous Psychological Thriller

  1. This why I pay Netflix. Studio Ghibli, Altered Carbon and a weird film from the blokes who did Safety Not Guaranteed.

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