Netflix Has Made a Subtle, But Important, Change to When Shows and Films Are Removed

While it is always sad to see your favourite TV show or film get removed from Netflix they do, at least, give you some warning. OK, it’s not always super obvious where the expiry dates are and this is why we run the ‘Last Chance’ pages to let you know what’s being removed from Netflix in the UK, USA, Australia and Canada.

Previously if a show or film had an expiry date stating it was ‘available until 15th February’ then you would have until the end of the 15th to watch it before it got removed. However, a very recent change that we have noticed is that the show will no longer be available on the stated date – i.e. it is removed on 15th February at the stroke of midnight so you need to have finished watching it before 11.59pm the night before.

As always, we post upcoming expiry dates and warnings on our social media using the #LastChance hashtag to keep you up to date on what might be leaving.

UPDATE TO ADD: Australian Netflix does not seem to have been affected. If you’re an Australian subscriber then you have until the end of the published date to watch a film or show before it gets removed.

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7 thoughts on “Netflix Has Made a Subtle, But Important, Change to When Shows and Films Are Removed

  1. Gutted that they took off Ministry of Time (El Ministerio del Tiempo) without warning recently. I keep an eye on your expiry date lists so know it wasn’t on there ahead of time.

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