Netflix Has Reinstated Their Free Trial – But It’s Not Quite What You Would Expect

Towards the end of 2019 Netflix began stopping their 30-day free trial for new subscribers but now the streaming giant has made a U-turn of sorts on that decision. Prior to the end of last year you could sign up and get a free month of Netflix and then, if you were cheap, cancel after ninja-ing through the latest Original Series and not pay a single penny. For the last 11 months new subscribers had to pay from day one and had no free trial, but now Netflix, in the UK at least, has changed their offer once again. For new subscribers you get your second month free – so you sign up, pay for the first month and then get a free month afterwards.

This does make sense from a financial point of view – it filters out the cheapskates who just want a freebie by offering a genuine free additional month to those who plan on subscribing (or have at least paid for one full month). The offer is also only for new subscribers.

The streaming giant previously stated that they will “be testing other marketing promotions” and we assume this is one of them! Don’t forget you can also stream a number of films and episodes free of charge without having a subscription too: Here Are All The Netflix Shows and Films You Can Watch for Free Without a Subscription

What do you think to the new format for the free month of Netflix? Let us know in the comments below.

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3 thoughts on “Netflix Has Reinstated Their Free Trial – But It’s Not Quite What You Would Expect

  1. I think that is a good idea..but long time subscribers should get a treat from time to a free month 1 time a year would be a nice thankyou from you to us loyal watchers and payers…its just a thought..ty

  2. Fair enough. Could maybe add a 48 hour free trial. Less time for cheapskates to abuse, but more than enough for genuine punters to determine whether they like it or not.

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