Netflix Introduces Mobile Previews

For some time now the Netflix app on Smart TVs and some consoles has shown a preview video at the top of the screen to give you an idea of what the show or movie is about. Netflix have today launched a similar feature for mobiles (iOS for now and Android will come later) – 30 second previews of new shows and movies they think will be of interest to you.

For ease of use, the video previews will be in portrait so you don’t need to turn your phone around and you can easily swipe between previews as well as watch it or add it to your list.

Mobile previews load very quickly, are personalized to your specific tastes, and are easy to use. We hope you like using this new feature and that mobile previews help you find your next favorite show!

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10 thoughts on “Netflix Introduces Mobile Previews

  1. Would love to disable these, especially on my Roku. On there, if I select a show/movie with the intention of just adding it to my list, it starts playing the bloody thing! I have to go in, add it to the list, then back out quickly, all before it decides I’ve begun watching it and adds it to my “continue watching” list.

  2. These are so annoying, I had to disable play next episode, but it sounds like you can’t disable this. I prefer how Prime gives you the choice to watch a trailer, that is all there needs to be.

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