Netflix is Coming to Sky in New European Partnership

Netflix and Sky have announced a partnership that will see the full Netflix content being made available to Sky Q subscribers so viewers can watch the likes of Netflix’s “Stranger Things” and “The Crown” alongside Sky’s “Britannia” and “Billions”. Existing Netflix subscribers will be able to merge their Netflix subscription with their Sky Q subscription to provide one simple payment or you will be able to keep the accounts separate and simply log in to the Netflix app.

The deal will start in the UK and Ireland later this year with Germany, Austria and Italy receiving Netflix at a later date. Final prices and details will be available nearer the launch time and we are keeping our fingers crossed that we could see Sky’s Original content one day making it to Netflix.

The deal will also mean that the Netflix app will be available on Sky’s NowTV boxes in the UK and Ireland – including the new £15 NowTV Streaming Stick. Sky Ticket in Germany and Austria, and NOW TV in Italy, will launch a standalone app on their devices in due course.

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36 thoughts on “Netflix is Coming to Sky in New European Partnership

    1. I don’t think it will really. Sounds like they will put an app or section on the Q box menu to log in with your Netflix acc or pay Sky to get access. If it’s cheaper then great but doubtful, also don’t want to loose the access from all our other devices etc. How’s the snow there?

    1. I said exactly the same to Wayne McClellan earlier when we were talking about it. It seems very one-sided – however that’s from a customer point of view. From a business point of view Sky are essentially becoming a reseller for Netflix – Netflix get extra subs/income and Sky will no doubt get a cut of that income.

    2. I doubt it. Netflix have always had the motto of “Netflix everywhere” – it gets Netflix onto the NowTV boxes. If anything I think we may get some of the Sky Originals further down the line. It seems to be beneficial to the businesses rather than the customers.

  1. So it will be good and normal if the subscribers of netflix can watch Sky tv because at this moment there is no point to pay for only netflix when we can have both in Sky!!!!!

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