Netflix Is Now Worth More Than Disney!

Many people claimed that Disney+ would be the death of Netflix (although we called BS on that) and in an ironic twist the streaming giant is now worth more than the House of Mouse! Yesterday, Wednesday 15th April, Netflix’s stock closed at $426.75 per share (an increase of 3.2%) – giving Netflix a current market capitalisation of $187.3 billion. Disney has a very slightly lower current value of $186.6 (Disney stock dropped 2.5%)

Obviously this likely won’t last for ever – the current Covid-19 pandemic has increased viewership around the globe giving ‘stay at home services’ like Netflix a huge boost whereas Disney have had to close their parks and their cinematic releases have mostly been postponed – this clearly has a negative impact on their earnings and subsequent value to investors.

So for now, well done Netflix on being worth more than Disney – possibly one of the world’s best known brands!

Source: Variety

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12 thoughts on “Netflix Is Now Worth More Than Disney!

  1. Disney plus is not available in as many countries afaik? But I do love my Netflix and binge watch a lot on there.

    I also think Disney have amazing content, not just marvel but movies like pirates….etc. I will for sure try Disney when it becomes available here.

  2. I subscribed to Disney plus during the opening offer period. Haven’t watched it yet sadly. Apart from Simpsons back catalogue which I’ve seen most of, there seems to be little decent content.
    Until they have stuff that can rival Ozark, Better Call Saul, After Life etc. I don’t think Netflix have anything to worry about.

  3. Well, it’s [Disney+] biggest mistake is not showing 15 and 18 certificate films from the get go. With a vast back catalogue of films now at their disposal, it’s a bit embarrassing to boast they are only showing 500. Don’t know how many Netflix have but surely it is more. Feels like it. Even if it isn’t, there’s diversity that everyone can choose something. I hope they are not so arrogant or stubborn to not revise their vision of Disney +. It’s getting ridiculous how many streaming services are becoming available to take all this in.

  4. Online services are the only ones doing well right now so Netflix stock going up isn’t a surprise. Given that Disney has closed its parks, laid off its staff and actively been borrowing money to stay afloat it’s not a big surprise ether. I have Disney+ and aside from the Nostalgia I get from older shows it won’t last unless if start releasing more of its back catalogue of Fox films or makes something new.

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