Netflix is Still Growing Despite the “Threat” From Disney+ and Apple TV+

Throughout 2019 there was constant talk online about how new streaming services like Disney+, HBO Max and Apple TV+ would be the death of Netflix. We called them out on this in an article titled Netflix is Dead, Long Live Netflix! back in July 2019 basically pointing out the fact that it is far from uncommon for households to have more than one subscription service. Regardless of my thoughts back then, the facts now speak for themselves.

At last night’s earnings call, Netflix’s first since the launch of Disney+ and Apple TV+ in November, the numbers are in and subscriber numbers are still growing both in America and worldwide. The 4th Quarter of 2019 saw nearly 9 million new subscribers at Netflix – made up of 550,000 in America and 8.33 million in the rest of the world. This brings their total subscriber numbers to 167 million worldwide. The company also reported a Q4 profit of $587 million.

With Disney+ launching int he UK and Europe at the end of March it will be interesting to see how this affects global subscriptions in Netflix’s Q2 2020 earnings call. As mentioned earlier, many households subscribe to multiple services and I for one will likely subscribe to Disney+ and continue with my Netflix subscription and my occasional NowTV subscription when my favourite shows are on. I surely can’t be the only person who does this?

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16 thoughts on “Netflix is Still Growing Despite the “Threat” From Disney+ and Apple TV+

  1. The only draw Disney+ has for me is The Madalorian. But thanks to their decision to delay the UK launch, I’ve watched it via “other” methods. Now I won’t subscribe because I’ve seen what I want to see.

  2. Only interested in Disney+ and £6 a month is good value. We have Prime but that’s cos my wife keeps Amazon in business with her online shopping so we get full value from that too. Netflix is the most expensive but it just goes on my BT bill. But it’s offset by not paying Sky for their shit service

  3. Don’t see myself ever subscribing to Disney or Apple. Already sub to Netflix, Prime, and NowTV…any more would be ridiculous. This constant division will hurt them in the end, as people will rely on ‘other methods’. I doubt there are many die-hard Star Wars fans in the UK who haven’t seen The Mandalorian already.

    It will never happen, as the failure of the UltraViolet movie service has proved, but what we as consumers need is one central service to sign up to, with everyone putting their content in the same pool; the service itself could take, say, 20% of the fee, and the rest would be distributed between the content providers based on the views their content has. For something like that, I’d be quite happy to pay a notably higher subscription fee.

    But it won’t happen, because each company wants ALL the money, and they don’t like sharing.

  4. Finally Disney + soon be here, starwars starwars starwars ,marvel, classic cartoons can’t wait at £5.99 bargain, got britbox , thinking of cancelling Netflix not impressed lately of them.

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