Netflix May Lose Marvel and Star Wars Movies from 2019

We reported recently about Disney pulling their content from Netflix for their own streaming service (presumably the US equivalent of Disney Life) but now we have, potentially, even more bad news. While there was previously some doubt about the Marvel and Star Wars franchises on Netflix we now have an answer – although it’s still not perfectly clear…

By the end of 2019 all Disney content will be available in their own streaming service and this includes Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar and ESPN Sports. When Disney Life launched in the UK most Disney content was removed from UK Netflix – however some Disney movies remained and the UK has still had a steady flow of Marvel movies. The UK has never had any Star Wars content on Netflix.

Deadline, who broke the news earlier today, report that Disney CEO Bob Iger said he streaming service “will have the entire output of the studio – animation, live action and Disney including Pixar, Star Wars and all of the Marvel films”. There’s actually no mention of exclusivity and there’s the question of how this could work with the licensing of the Marvel series (“Daredevil”, “Luke Cage” etc).

If the UK Netflix and Disney Life relationship is anything to go by then there is still a chance that some Marvel and Star Wars content will still be available to Netflix subscribers. But if you want everything Disney, then you’ll have to send some cash to the big-eared mouse.

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16 thoughts on “Netflix May Lose Marvel and Star Wars Movies from 2019

    1. Im not gonna pay for a second streaming service just for Disney stuff it seems coninterututive to fragment the customer base and not have netflix to pay for disney films

  1. Yeah, id never buy a second service or cancel Netflix for Disney life when it’s just Disney. If you wanna watch Disney you. An watch but cheap dvds or just record when it’s on the telly. Feel Disney is being greedy and just going to lose a lot of money in the process. Not that it really matters in U.K. as there was never that many options as opposed to America.

  2. These “content wars” need to get resolved soon. It is getting pretty ridiculous: if you have a Chromecast, you can’t use it to watch Amazon Prime or NowTV content; if you have a NowTV box it won’t stream Netflix or Amazon Prime. Now we’ve got yet another platform (Disney wtf) for just Disney content? How many subscriptions do these companies think the average person is really going to sign up to?

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