Netflix Officially Launches a Mobile-Only Subscription at £3 per month in Malaysia

Last year we reported that Netflix was testing a new mobile-only subscription at less than half the price of a standard Netflix subscription. The new subscription is in response to many users in Asian and East Asian countries using mobile devices for a lot of their media consumption so it makes sense to target these users. The Mobile-only plan costs RM17 (£3.16 / $4.06) versus the basic RM33 (£6.13 / $7.89), standard RM42 (£7.80 / $10.04) and premium RM51 (£9.47 / $12.19). The only slight catch is that it does not include HD streaming although that may not be an issue on a smaller screen anyway.

As of 2019, 88% of Malaysians own smartphones. And online entertainment is important to them: According to the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission’s (MCMC) 2018 Internet Users Survey, 78% of Malaysia’s internet users spent time streaming and downloading entertainment. Netflix members in Malaysia already watch twice as much content on their phones as the average member. The Mobile plan is tailor-made to broaden access to Netflix in this truly mobile-first nation.

Given the option, would you give a mobile-only subscription a try or do you prefer the large screen of your home TV?


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One thought on “Netflix Officially Launches a Mobile-Only Subscription at £3 per month in Malaysia

  1. I prefer big screen any day, can’t see how people can watch so many programs in a one sitting on a little screen,everyone to there own I guess , but wish netflix do a cheaper plan in uk should do a ad support option for about £3 if prices keep going up .

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