Netflix Price Increase: Will You Be Affected?

The chances are you won’t be…

Netflix recently announced that there will be a price increase to it’s packages in America – as much as 18% (see below). As with all price increases, new subscribers will pay the new prices immediately, but existing subscribers will be emailed when their price will increase.

The new prices for American customers are:

  • Basic Plan: $9 (was $8)
  • HD Standard Plan: $13 (was $11)
  • 4K Premium Plan: $16 (was $14)

It is important to note that unless you live in the U.S. or 40 other countries in Latin America (other than Brazil or Mexico) where it bills it’s users in USD, these increases will not affect you. Netflix has clarified in an official statement to Digital Spy that this increase will not affect the U.K.

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15 thoughts on “Netflix Price Increase: Will You Be Affected?

  1. This increase would to be covering holding onto the dead horse thats friends. In the uk its always on a channel dont know why netflix held onto it rather see my money go on new series and films!

    1. Sarah Lee we have friends with Netflix in Portugal and their selection is SO much better than ours and they pay less! Much more new series and films rather than repeats of stuff that’s been on TV already or is 20 years old. Majority of stuff on UK one is rubbish, but currently it’s still worth it for the odd one or two films each month and a few Netflix exclusive series.

  2. I do think the price eventually will go up,I get it if its because of new content , but with new streaming services coming into play like Disney and when or if eventually comes to uk,and what I read it could be cheaper than Netflix, I cant see how Netflix can keep increasing there prices as I for one will jump to Disney plus as price is important,especially with marvel,and star wars there on Disney plus,Netflix should be lowering there prices ready for the competition.

  3. well Netflix are so in debt and still running at a yearly loss this doesn’t surprise me

    In fact I’m surprised they can afford to do what they do and make movies with the prices they currently charge

    It’s obvious a very long term financial risk, spend the money to make longer term profit over a longer time rather than make all the money now

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