Netflix Release Amusing Video to Explain Their Shuffle Feature “Play Something”

Last month we announced that Netflix’s “Play Something” feature had started rolling out to more devices and now they have released a new video explaining how it works.

The feature, when selected, picks a random show either from your ‘My List’ or related to something that has been watched by that profile. For example, when I ran it on my Guest account it started playing “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” saying that it was a sitcom like “Modern Family” – a show that had been watched on that profile. If you don’t like the suggestion you can simply press ‘right’ to move on to a different one (but if you change your mind you can also press ‘left’ to go back through previous suggestions). It also doesn’t appear to class these shows as being ‘watched’ when you are just browsing through – this is a nice touch as it means you won’t get suggestions based on something that you actually skipped past!

Looking for something new to watch? Give that remote a rest and try Play Something: A new feature that finds the perfect thing to watch based on what you love.
Sometimes the best choice is not to choose… ask Will Arnett if you don’t believe us.

Let us know in the comments below if you have this feature yet and what device it shows up on.

Apologies for the poor photos – it’s actually quite hard to photograph a TV without too many reflections!

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