Netflix Release Trailer For “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” Part 2 – Coming April 5th

Back in October the “Riverdale” spin-off “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” launched to great reviews and praise. We were even treated to a special Christmas Episode as well as being told Part 2 was already in production and would arrive on April 5th. Well, now we have a trailer for Part 2 which you can see below:

It’s a wicked world out there, and Sabrina is brewing up trouble. After signing her name in the Book of the Beast, Sabrina struggles to find the balance between her place in the mortal world and her new darker side. New challenges await Sabrina in Part 2, including having to choose between the familiar mortal Harvey Kinkle, and the sexy warlock Nicholas Scratch. She may have signed her name to the Dark Lord, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t willing to raise a little hell.

Sabrina star Shipka has previously revealed that season 2 will be somewhat different from the first:

We definitely… Sabrina definitely changes and shifts a lot. Her growth is very evident and the second season definitely has a different spin on it than the first season. They’re very different from each other. I would just say that, without giving too much away, because it would be a bit of a spoiler, the way that Sabrina’s life takes certain turns and certain decisions she makes inform the second season. The finale of the first season sets up a lot. It goes in a different direction. We see more different characters. It deals with a different side of things.

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