Netflix Removes More Blackface Comedy Shows Including The League of Gentlemen and Chris Lilley’s Angry Boys

Yesterday we reported that the BBC confirmed the reason for removing “Little Britain” and “Come Fly With Me” from streaming services was due to the blackface characters used in the series. What we perhaps didn’t make clear is that Netflix removed these shows on their own accord before the BBC made their equivalent decision. It now transpires that further shows with blackface characters are also being removed by Netflix – but not the BBC.

The streaming service has removed “The Drunk and On Drugs Happy Funtime Hour”, which stars “Trailer Park Boys” John Paul Tremblay, Robb Wells and Mike Smith, globally from their catalogue. The series featured two blackface characters as well as well as an Asian caricature.

Netflix viewers in Australia and New Zealand will also notice that four Chris Lilley shows have been removed: “Angry Boys”, “Summer Heights High”, “Jonah From Tonga” and “We Can Be Heroes”. The shows have Lilley playing blackface characters as well as a Chinese student.

In the UK “The League of Gentlemen” has been removed earlier than it’s scheduled expiry date of June 19th – the show used blackface for the character Papa Lazarou.

For UK viewers that still want to watch these shows a few are still on iPlayer including: Some “Angry Boys” clips, “Summer Heights High”, “We Can Be Heroes” and “The League of Gentlemen” as the BBC have stated that their “decision on Little Britain impacts Little Britain alone” (source: Deadline).

Chris Lilley’s Netflix Original “Lunatics”, which features Lilley playing a South African lady, remains on the service but producer Laura Walters has previously said that Lilley is “not portraying a woman of colour.”

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  1. They removed League of Gentleman cos Papa Lazarou is in black face ? Hes not meant to be a person of color ! His skin really is black ! Like jet black…

  2. The only “snowflakes” I see whining are whiteboys who don’t like the world changing around them.

    White Chicks? WHOOOOSH!!! Something’s gone right over your heads.

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