Netflix Removes Suicide Scene from “13 Reasons Why”

Netflix has announced earlier that they have removed the suicide scene from season 1 of their Original Series “13 Reasons Why”. The graphic scene, lasting around 3 minutes, showed Hannah taking her own life in the final episode of season 1 of the show. Since it’s launch over two years ago the show has been seen as controversial and been the source of a lot of debate. Even though the show is rated 18 in the UK and TV-MA (not suitable for under 17s) in the US, many younger people have watched the show and been affected by its content. The edited scene now shows Hannah assessing her life in the mirror before cutting to her mother discovering her body in the bath.

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Season 3 of the show is due to arrive this summer although there are no confirmed dates yet.

We’ve heard from many young people that 13 Reasons Why encouraged them to start conversations about difficult issues like depression and suicide and get help — often for the first time. As we prepare to launch season three later this summer, we’ve been mindful about the ongoing debate around the show. So on the advice of medical experts, including Dr. Christine Moutier, chief medical officer at the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, we’ve decided with creator Brian Yorkey and the producers to edit the scene in which Hannah takes her own life from season one.

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25 thoughts on “Netflix Removes Suicide Scene from “13 Reasons Why”

  1. What bullshit! I thought that scene was so powerful and sad. It really showed you how awful a thing it is to do it. I was actually thinking of rewatching the first season. I don’t think I will anymore.

  2. *sigh*

    Is it changed everywhere, or just in the US?

    A shame, as it was such a powerful and moving scene.

    Yet I watched season 3 of Scream recently, a show designed specifically for teenagers, and they seem to have no problem at all with someone getting stabbed in the jugular and having a plastic bag over their head so they drown in their own blood before they bleed to death. Or run through and practically cut in half with a large blade as a lift descends.

  3. OMG this is ridiculous what about the boy who gets a broom up the bum and bleeds etc why is that still on there?
    The world is insane.

    And it shows what people go through who are depressed and suicidal. It should not be removed!

  4. As always the vocal minority get their way and probably haven’t even seen the show, it’s just another excuse to drag out the virtual soap box when there are actual issues in the world that need our time and energy. Social media pressure dictates so much now from books to movies and games and it must be frustrating to be creating all this art only for it to be ripped apart by the extreme Left.

  5. I don’t agree with this but …it’s a bit late now don’t you think lol. It’s been on there for ages. I watched it. I found it triggering and a hard watch but I thought it was brilliantly done and very powerful. I think it’s a mistake to cut the whole scene.

  6. Take out the one thing it’s all about, Why are you hiding it, should suicide be hidden or should it be talked about?? Everyone needs to make up their minds

  7. Bit pointless and feels more like they’re trying to get back into the news or maybe sell it to a new region with stricter media rules than anything else. The Samaritans and others are putting out generic happy statements, but they haven’t really asked for this and I dislike that this action seems to be causing ire against them and others who have acknowledged this show did not follow media guidelines on the subject rather than seeing it for the publicity stunt it most likely actually is.

    I’d rather, if they’re going to do anything, they just acknowledged that they ignored media guidelines on portraying suicide – which does include adult media – for their story and not do this half-assed thing which was never really the issue (it was always more the story framing around the suicide). They should just own it – they’re guidelines, not a legal requirement – and accept that means suicide prevention charities and others are going to put out information to ensure audiences that could be affected know — which is what happened — because it is quite possible to have a story about suicide, that shows the horrors suicide, that does follow the guidelines and some people do think that because there are guidelines that all media follows it. They don’t, 13 Reasons Why didn’t, and this doesn’t actually change that. It’s really very pointless in terms of that, but it got people talking so I guess that was their point.

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