Netflix Renews Italian Series “Suburra” for Second Season

Netflix announced today that the first Italian Original Series, “Suburra”, has been renewed for a second season. The crime thriller, set in Rome, follows corrupt politicians, organised crime and The Vatican over the control of land. Season 1 was released in October 2017 but there is no date for season 2 yet.

The protagonists are the same who conquered the audience in the first season: Aureliano (Alessandro Borghi), Spadino (Giacomo Ferrara) and Lele (Eduardo Valdarnini), Sara Monaschi (Claudia Gerini), an ambitious financial consultant collaborating with the Church, the politician Amedeo Cinaglia (Filippo Nigro) and the unscrupulous boss Samurai (Francesco Acquaroli).

Which new alliances will they secure and which new strategies will they implement to achieve control of the Roman coast?

The second season is written by head writer Barbara Petronio with Ezio Abbate and Fabrizio Bettelli. The directors are Andrea Molaioli (Suburra The Series, The Girl by the Lake, The Jewel) and the new-comer Piero Messina (The Wait).

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  1. It will be seen as eretic my comment.. but if you watched gotham.. and watched suburra, without fail you will notice strong similarities between The Penguin and Spadino.. ball in your court!

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