Netflix Rolls Out New Top 10 Feature Worldwide After Successful UK Trial

Some time ago Netflix added a new feature for UK subscribers whereby users would be shown a top 10 list of what’s popular that day on Netflix. There are three categories: top 10 overall, top 10 TV shows and top 10 films/movies. This feature has now rolled out globally so whatever country you’re in you can see what your fellow subscribers are actually watching instead of just what the Netflix Algorithm decides to show you.

While the Netflix algorithms do a good job at recommending films and shows you might like based on your viewing history, sometimes it’s good to try something different. During the UK testing phase I have used the Top 10 feature to find things that I wouldn’t normally watch but have enjoyed – “Love Is Blind” being one of them (it’s strangely fascinating, don’t judge me!).

The new feature also adds a ‘Top 10’ tag (see below) to the corner of any Top 10 title so while you are browsing it is easy to see what’s popular in your country. The team here at New on Netflix like this new feature so let us know in the comments what your thoughts are too!

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