Netflix Slightly Improves a Slightly Annoying Auto-Play Feature

One of the common complaints about Netflix is the auto-play feature – be it auto-playing the next episode, auto-playing a trailer/preview or auto-playing a show or film just by having it selected. Since 2014 subscribers have been able to disable the auto-play for the next episode and now Netflix has added an option to disable auto-playing previews of films or shows.

If the previews annoy you then you can now head to Settings, then Account and look for the ‘Playback Settings’ option (or here’s a link straight to it:

Personally I quite like these previews and I have watched quite a few shows or films based on their trailers. My biggest bug-bear is when I have a film or TV show selected and it auto-plays when I only want to read the synopsis… One day, hopefully, one day…

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4 thoughts on “Netflix Slightly Improves a Slightly Annoying Auto-Play Feature

  1. Hooray! I find that so annoying, and quite often it would start causing it to freeze up for a while (I’m guessing when the internet connection was a bit less solid). And it meant the only way to be at rest once in was to start something then pause it. I’d got into the habit of browsing on my phone app sometimes instead. Thanks as always for the heads up.

  2. OK two things: Firstly you can turn this off, but only on a laptop or similar….ie not through the TV itself. But it gets worse…….it doesn’t work!! After doing this, I went onto the app on my TV and on the thumbnails for “my list”, or “continue watching” you still get (if you’ve not seen it) a preview, or it carries on where you left off. 🙁

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