Netflix to Replace Real Crash Footage Used in “Bird Box”

Early this year there was some controversy surrounding Netflix’s hit film “Bird Box” which used footage of a real life disaster. The scene, early in the film, showed a fictional news report about the ensuing apocalypse that just happened to use stock footage from the Canadian Lac-Mégantic tragedy. Netflix has now confirmed to the BBC that they will replace the footage used in the film with an outtake from a TV series, although this may take several weeks to complete.

Canadian Sci-Fi series “Travelers” had also previously used footage from the same crash in its third season and the company that provided the stock footage has contacted anyone who has purchased related clips to make them aware of “of the sensitive nature of this footage”.

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2 thoughts on “Netflix to Replace Real Crash Footage Used in “Bird Box”

  1. come on netflix use cgi not the real thing…. see too much real death on the news dont want it on netflix too thats my happy place to forget the real horrors of the world around us.

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