Netflix Will Arrive on Sky Q on November 1st – Here Are The Details

Back in March we announced that Netflix and Sky were teaming up in a new partnership that will see the full Netflix content being made available to Sky Q subscribers. We also mentioned that Netflix would be made available on NowTV boxes too. The latter has already happened so all that remains is for Netflix to arrive on Sky Q boxes – this is set to be November 1st.

If you’re wondering how it will work then there are a couple of ways you can approach it. If you are an existing Sky Q customer and a Netflix customer you can either just log in to the Netflix app on your Sky Q box and keep all your profiles etc. and carry on as normal. However, if you want the full integration into the Sky Q box (i.e. if you search for a film it will list all the matches whether they are on Netflix, Sky, NowTV etc) then you will need to migrate your account to Sky. Looking at the FAQs on the Sky Q page this also implies that you won’t be able to bring your existing profiles over. However, you will benefit from a single monthly bill. If you already have a Premium plan with Netflix then you can end up saving money as the Ultimate On Demand package, containing Netflix and NowTV Box Sets, is £10 a month.

It’s also worth noting that new Sky Q customers will also need the Sky Q Entertainment subscription at £20 a month (min 18 month contract) and if you want UltraHD then customers can pay an additional £12 a month.

By the looks of things, if you already subscribe to Sky Q then it can end up a good way to get Netflix but it would be quite an expensive way to watch Netflix if you were a new customer as the basic Sky Q will set you back £44 a month before all the add-ons required for Netflix.

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16 thoughts on “Netflix Will Arrive on Sky Q on November 1st – Here Are The Details

    1. The partnership is between Sky and Netflix not Sky’s Customers and Netflix’s Customers. I.e. Sky and Netflix will both benefit from the deal (Sky will get happier customers, Netflix will get more income).

    2. And this kind of partnership between Netflix and other companies isn’t new.. Sky and it’s customers think it’s revolutionary but we’ve had to same thing on BT TV for a couple of years now

  1. So is this via the broadband link into the box or the satellite dish? My parents live in a village where the broadband runs under 2mbps so they can’t have Netflix, so if it’s via the dish that would be useful.

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