Netflix Will Continue Age-Rating Collaboration with BBFC For Years to Come

Back in March 2019 the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) announced a collaboration with Netflix with the aim to classify all content available on the streaming service with appropriate BBFC ratings. Two and a half years on and the trial has proved successful and the pair have announced a continuation of the service for years to come. Netflix are still the only streaming service to have a BBFC certificate for every title available on their service with competitors like Disney+ and Prime Video opting for their own age ratings and guidance systems.

UK law currently only requires films and TV shows with cinematic or physical releases to have a BBFC age rating but Netflix have, for many years, chosen to pay for the BBFC to rate their Original SVOD content too. Netflix uses an algorithm developed with the BBFC to apply BBFC Guideline standards to all their content, with the BBFC setting those standards and auditing ratings to ensure consistency.

See the full BBFC press release here:

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