Netflix Will Revive “Designated Survivor” for Third Season – Coming 2019

Back in May when ABC cancelled “Designated Survivor”, a weekly Netflix Original outside of America, there was some talk as to whether Netflix would revive the show. Netflix has now released the fact that they are bringing a third season to Netflix as a global Original and that seasons 1 and 2 will be available on Netflix in America and Canada in Fall of this year (previously the show was exclusive to Hulu in the US and Canada). The 10-episode season 3 will start production later this year to be aired in 2019.

President Kirkman (Sutherland) will face a political reality… campaigning. What does it take to make a leader? What price will he be willing to pay? This season will explore today’s world of campaigning, smear tactics, debates, campaign finance and “fake news.” Democracy, as we know it, will hang in the balance.

Contrary to popular belief, Netflix have actually only ever revived three shows before now – even if every show that gets cancelled ends up with a related hashtag along the lines of “Netflix should revive xxx show!”. The three shows they have actually revived after network cancellation were “Lucifer” (for season 4), “Arrested Development” (with season 4 and the new season 5) and “The Killing” (the 4th and final season). This obviously doesn’t take into account the new and separate spin-off shows such as “Fuller House” and “Degrassi: Next Class” and we’re also excluding “Longmire” and “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” as these were not available globally as Netflix Originals.

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