Netflix’s Sci-Fi Series “The OA” Has Been Cancelled

Netflix has cancelled their sci-fi drama series “The OA” after just two seasons. The series launched back in 2016 and followed a young woman who, after going missing for 7 years, returned home with a number of new and mysterious abilities. Part 2, released earlier this year, brought in an alternate dimension where she had an entirely different life…

Creator Brit Marling posted his reaction to the news on Instagram:


We are incredibly proud of the 16 mesmerizing chapters of The OA, and are grateful to Brit and Zal for sharing their audacious vision and for realizing it through their incredible artistry. We look forward to working with them again in the future, in this and perhaps many other dimensions.

– Cindy Holland, VP of Original Content, Netflix

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49 thoughts on “Netflix’s Sci-Fi Series “The OA” Has Been Cancelled

  1. Absolutely gutted there isn’t a 3rd series of OA I keep watching the 2 series again and again as I miss it….Please rethink your decision…I’ve recommended OA to so many people and they love it too….Gutted 🙁

  2. Netflix (UK) didn’t even promote it, (from what I saw/didn’t see). I just found the 2nd season while searching though ‘My List’.

  3. If they’re going to cancel a series on a cliffhanger without cleaning the ends up what’s the point of watching any of Netflix own.
    I loved the OA. Can’t believe this was on their axe list compared to some of the crud on there.

  4. The comments on here really underline how Netflix’s strategy of commissioning widely and cancelling everything that doesn’t hit ambitious targets is starting to backfire. People are starting to lose trust in the Originals brand and are becoming reluctant to get into a show that seems more and more likely to be cancelled before its finale. I wonder how long it will take before this has enough impact that they’ll start to be more selective in their commissioning and maybe even start using multi-season contracts as default.

  5. Too intelligent for most people. Should have covered the actors and actresses in spray tan and had them shag on an island and let the general public vote for them, would have been hugely popular then.

  6. Another typical Netflix original gone,in the end these Netflix originals are rubbish by look all cancellations, sure one or two gems but rubbish overall , Disney and these new streaming services is going to wipe Netflix away if there not careful .

  7. Devastated by the news… The OA was truly unique, different and absolutely spellbinding… Season 2 left me craving Season 3 because what a cliffhanger… I admire Brit Marling for putting this out there… it was a brave and courageous move in an environment where we being fed tired concepts and dumbass reality shows… I hope that Brit and the other writers as well as the cast will have other chances to tell other mesmerising stories…

  8. Tried it didn’t like it. Series that continue are always in danger of being cancelled before you find out what is going on. I generally stopped watching those kind of shows

  9. Netflix are going to get themselves in trouble with these kinds of cancellations. They have to rely on their own shows in the future but why start watching them when there’s a strong chance they will just get cancelled with no warning and no proper conclusion? There’s no point in engaging in it and that ends up with no customer loyalty.

    The new streaming services will learn from this.

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