Netflix’s Turkish Drama “Paper Lives” Arrives Soon – Watch the Trailer Now

Netflix has released the trailer for an upcoming Turkish film that is promised to be a real tearjerker. “Paper Lives” (“Kagittan Hayatlar”) is set in Istanbul and follows Mehmet and his friend Tahsin. Their job involves collecting waste paper and cardboard for a solid waste warehouse but one day Mehmet finds a young boy, Ali, that has been ‘thrown away’ with the trash. Being a caring person, Mehmet takes it upon himself to reunite Ali with his parents while becoming increasingly attached to the boy himself. The film arrives on March 12th and you can see the trailer below.

An impoverished, old neighbourhood in Istanbul, brutally shaped by emigration… Mehmet is a cherished fellow who runs the solid waste warehouse in the neighbourhood; he helps everyone in need – especially homeless children and teenagers since he was one too. Mehmet’s biggest supporter is Tahsin who has been helping him and those in need for a very long time. One day Mehmet meets an 8 year-old boy who suddenly appears in his best mate Gonzales’ waste sack. Mehmet suddenly has the urge to reunite the boy with his parents however he doesn’t realize he becomes attached to this 8 year old child.

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