New Netflix Documentary Follows Catholic Abuse Victims Through Trauma Therapy

Netflix has released the trailer for a new documentary film that follows a group of men as they use trauma therapy in an attempt to overcome childhood sexual abuse from the Catholic church. “Procession”, which arrives on November 19th after a limited theatrical run, is a two hour film that follows six midwestern men who come together to direct a drama therapy-inspired experiment designed to collectively work through their trauma. All six are survivors of childhood sexual assault at the hands of Catholic priests and clergy.

As part of a radically collaborative filmmaking process, they create fictional scenes based on memories, dreams and experiences, meant to explore the church rituals, culture and hierarchies that enabled silence around their abuse. In the face of a failed legal system, we watch these men reclaim the spaces that allowed their assault, revealing the possibility for catharsis and redemption through a new-found fraternity.

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