Nickelodeon’s TV Shows Are Leaving Netflix UK Soon! Goodbye SpongeBob and Co.

Won’t someone think of the children?! Nickelodeon shows are leaving Netflix UK on August 29th so make sure you give your little ones plenty of warnings! There’s nothing worse than your child’s favourite show being removed from Netflix so here’s our public service announcement.

The following Nickelodeon shows will be removed from Netflix UK on August 29th leaving only a handful of Nickelodeon movies on the UK streaming service:

  • Blaze and the Monster Machines
  • Bubble Guppies
  • Dora the Explorer
  • The Haunted Hathaways
  • PAW Patrol
  • Sam & Cat
  • SpongeBob SquarePants
  • Team Umizoomi
  • Victorious

We’ll keep you updated if things change and you can always keep an eye on our ‘Last Chance‘ page for any upcoming removals.

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26 thoughts on “Nickelodeon’s TV Shows Are Leaving Netflix UK Soon! Goodbye SpongeBob and Co.

    1. 1) This is a fan page – feel free to contact Netflix about their trials
      2) Feel free to research:
      a) The ‘ads’ that seem to have caused a stir online are simply short videos (that you can skip past easily enough) that promote Netflix Original shows – lots of people complained that they found it hard to discover new shows yet when Netflix do something about it people complain
      b) Nothing is being forced. You ONLY see them if you have OPTED IN to being part of the test group
      c) They are hardly ‘ads’ in the traditional sense in that 1) you can skip them easily enough and 2) they are promoting Netflix content – the same way that the BBC promote their own shows before programmes yet they’re OK because they’re not ‘ads’…

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