Part 2 of Netflix’s Documentary Series “Babies” is Coming Next Week – See the Trailer

Netflix has released the trailer for part 2 of their docu-series “Babies” which arrives on June 19th. The series may be of interest to a number of couples in the next 6-9 months as their new Lockdown-Offspring begin to spawn. The show was filmed over 3 years and follows 15 babies from around the world in their early years. A team of 36 world-renowned scientists was involved in the series and look into how babies develop and how they interact with the world and, ultimately, gain their own personality.

Using the latest technology and scientific research, ‘BABIES’ delves deep inside the baby’s mind to watch the processes behind each exciting developmental step. Amongst the world class scientists featured, are Rebecca Spencer (UMASS, Amherst) and her ground-breaking study on the importance of naps for a baby’s learning; Michael Georgieff (University of Minnesota) and his hugely influential work linking iron and other micronutrients to babies’ ability to form memories; Professor Ruth Feldman (IDC, Herzliya, Israel) and her breakthrough discovery that the surge in oxytocin, the bonding hormone, that occurs in new mothers, can also take place in men and Professor Susan Lynch (University of California, San Francisco), who found that babies living with dogs and cats are better protected from developing asthma and allergies.

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