Rejected Mixtape Coming to Netflix

Netflix has ordered 10 episodes of a musical drama series that was rejected by Fox back in May called “Mixtape”. The series from “Gossip Girl” and “Smash” executive producer Joshua Safran (pictured) focuses on a disparate group of interconnected people in contemporary Los Angeles through the lens of the music that defines who they are.┬áThe series stars Callie Hernandez (“La La Land”), Madeleine Stowe (“Revenge”), Jenna Dewan (“Step Up”) and Campbell Scott (“House of Cards”). It is being made by Annapurna Pictures in association with 20th Century Fox Television and Fox 21 Television Studios.

We all have our own soundtracks. MIXTAPE is a romantic musical drama that looks at the love stories connecting a diverse, disparate group of people in contemporary Los Angeles through the music that lives inside their hearts and minds.

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