Release Date for “the goop lab with Gwyneth Paltrow” Announced – Coming Soon

First things first, I’ll leave the jokes about the poster to you… Oh, and also all the criticism of the shoddy pseudoscience involved… Back in 2008 award winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow created “Goop” – a newsletter where she shared and organised her unbiased travel recommendations, health-centric recipes, and shopping discoveries for friends. Over the last decade Goop has grown into “a place where readers can find suggestions about where to shop, eat, and stay from a trusted friend—not from an anonymous, crowd-sourced recommendation engine.” Now, the next phase of Goop is their own Netflix series which will be arriving on January 24th. The docu-series, titled “the goop lab with Gwyneth Paltrow”, will be made up of 30-minute episodes hosted by a number of the website’s editors, the chief content officer Elise Loehnen and Paltrow herself. Loehnen says the series will “dial up the aesthetics and quality of storytelling surrounding issues like mental, physical and sexual health — and address larger thematic questions the Goop audience has about leading optimal lives.”

the goop lab with Gwyneth Paltrow is a six-episode series, guiding the deeply inquisitive viewer in an exploration of boundary-pushing wellness topics, including: psychedelics, cold therapy, female pleasure, anti-aging, energy healing and psychics.

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7 thoughts on “Release Date for “the goop lab with Gwyneth Paltrow” Announced – Coming Soon

  1. What an utter crock of s**t! Netflix gunned the series “The Users Guide to Cheating Death” by the author of “Gwyneth Paltrow is Wrong About Everything”. I sincerely hope nobody watches this steaming pile of pseudoscience malarkey.

  2. Never has the phrase, “You can have your own opinion but not your own facts” been more appropriate than for this pile of utter drivel. Netflix just hit a new low.

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