Rob Lowe to Host Netflix Comedy Special about Hollywood Clichés

Netflix has announced a new comedy special from the creators of “Black Mirror” that promises to both toast and roast those Hollywood clichés you all know and love (and possibly hate). “Attack of the Hollywood Clichés!” will be hosted by Rob Lowe (“Parks and Recreation”, “Wayne’s World”) and see A-List stars and industry insiders toast and roast a number of cinematic chestnuts such as: one-man armies, meet-cutes, casual strolls away from huge explosions and women running in heels. The one-hour special arrives on September 28th – expect a trailer in the coming weeks.

The special has been made by Broke & Bones, the production company Charlie Brooker runs with producer Annabel Jones. They have previously created “Death to 2020” for Netflix – a satirical look at the mess that was 2020.

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