Shadowhunters Cancelled After Losing Netflix Deal

“Shadowhunters” has been cancelled and will end after the second half of season 3 and a special 2-hour finale are aired. The series, made by Constantin Films, aired in America on Disney-owned cable channel Freeform but was branded as a Netflix Original around the rest of the world. The Netflix Original branding helped to foot most of the bill for the show’s production but this deal has been lost and Freeform were apparently unwilling to give the extra cash needed.

The second half of season 3 will air in Spring 2019 and then there will be a 2-hour season finale to wrap the series up.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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40 thoughts on “Shadowhunters Cancelled After Losing Netflix Deal

  1. Well, that sucks. I’d grown to quite like it. It partially filled the Buffy-shaped hole in my TV schedule. It isn’t as good, but it’s better than nothing. And now we have to wait a whole year for the rest of season 3? That’s ridiculous.

  2. #SaveShadowhunters When Netflix have aired the last episodes I am cancelling my membership for three households – love that show and shame on them for cancelling it!

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