Should To The Bone be Banned? Tell Us Your Thoughts

Yesterday’s release of “To The Bone” is seeing quite a lot of controversy. In the weeks leading up to its release the were complaints about its content. The film is about eating disorders and was written and directed by Marti Noxon – who has been through it herself.

Now there are calls to ban the film even though it has a trigger warning about its content. A similar ruckus was caused when “13 Reasons Why” was released.

What are your thoughts on this? I agree, it’s certainly delicate subject matter but surely by discussing the theme is raising awareness and hopefully reducing stigma.

Let us know in the comments below – and remember to keep it nice.

Update: Netflix have released this video about starting a conversation:

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11 thoughts on “Should To The Bone be Banned? Tell Us Your Thoughts

  1. I don’t think anything should be banned, in movies, I think people should be responsible for what they themselves watch as an adult, and if you have children then your obligation is to manage what you feel is appropriate for your child

    This is also why there are age ratings

    Maybe America should enforce them, not have them as guidance only

    Banning things just makes people want to see what the fuss is about

  2. The subject matter is not controversial. It is serious illness and a well made movie could do a lot to shed some insight and education on eating disorders. The problem with To the Bone is that it is a poorly written, caricature filled movie filled with so many irritating characters. The main character, Ellen/Eli ( “the doc doesn’t like my name, he suggests changing it to Eli. OK! I will.”) is annoying, self centered, whiny, and can’t speak without sarcasm. And that English dude…the step mother…birth mother…birth mother’s wife…more over the top caricatures. The doc with his radical treatments? Well if going to an art installation of “rain” is radical…. And like a one hour episode of a TV show, the movie is quickly wrapped up at the end when Ellen has an only in a movie “epiphany” dream that brings immediate clarity and a personality change to her character. I have personally known 5 people who have suffered with anorexia/bulimia, including an aunt who was in her 50’s when she started down that road. This movie did nothing to to shed light or educate the audience on a very complicated and deadly mental health issue. Because at its core, anorexia and other eating disorders are mental health issues with deadly physical consequences. To the Bone is a mess of a movie. It is poorly written and filled with annoyingly stereotypical caricatures. Pass on this one, as Netflix should have done.

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