Something Odd Is Going On With The CW and Netflix… [UPDATED]

Back in May it was announced that new shows from The CW starting from the 2019-2020 TV season and onwards will no longer automatically come to Netflix as The CW did not renew their deal with the streaming giant. It was stated at the time that this would only affect new shows, such as “Nancy Drew”, and not affect existing ones like “The Flash”, “Arrow”, “Jane the Virgin” and “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” which would still arrive 8 days after their season finale. Netflix also co-produced the hit shows “Riverdale” and “Dynasty” which are both marketed as a Netflix Original outside of North America with new episodes being added on a weekly basis. But something seems to have changed…

Season 4 of “Riverdale” premiered on October 9th and arrived on Netflix the following day as expected. However, the usual weekly episodes of “Dynasty” and “Black Lightning” are nowhere to be seen. Season 3 of “Dynasty” premiered on Friday 11th and was expected to arrive on Netflix outside of America the following day; Season 3 of “Black Lightning” premiered on October 7th and is still nowhere to be seen on Netflix.

So aside from “Riverdale” it looks like the weekly episodes are no longer happening but with the lack of any official statement it’s hard to know if they are just delayed or if the licensing for the weekly shows has been changed to the standard ‘8 days after the season finale’ deal. If it has then there will likely be a lot of unhappy customers along with a potential increase in piracy of the new episodes…

UPDATE: 15:00, October 14th

Netflix have tweeted that “Dynasty” season 3 will arrive all in one go next year. We still have no news on “Black Lightning” season 3.

As a side note if you’re a fan of the Arrowverse shows and are you’re looking forward to the upcoming “Crisis on Infinite Earths” then you may be somewhat displeased to note that outside of America (The CW) and Australia (Fox8) there is no (legal) way to watch the new “Batwoman” series – which will form one of the crossover episodes… Black Lightning is a part of the crossover event too but not an entire episode. So if you do manage to watch the crossover event then be aware that it may contain spoilers for season 3 of “Black Lightning” that we don’t know when anyone outside of the US will be able to see…

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