“Space Force” Renewed for Second Season at Netflix

Netflix has renewed their workplace comedy series “Space Force” for a second season. The show, which launched in May, was created by Greg Daniels who developed the American version of “The Office” and was showrunner along with Steve Carell. The series revolves around the people who have to figure out how to create President Trump’s idea for a space force as the sixth branch of the military. Critics were not massively impressed with the series, gaining just 38% on RottenTomatoes however the viewer ratings were a much more respectful 75%.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, production of the show is moving from Los Angeles to Vancouver to try and reduce costs with filming starting next year. Norm Hiscock (“Brooklyn Nine-Nine”, “Parks and Recreation”) has joined as co-showrunner alongside Daniels in the hopes of allowing the show “to grow creatively and better connect with viewers and critics alike”.

Stars of the show include Steve Carell, John Malkovich, Ben Schwartz, Diana Silvers, Jimmy O. Yang, Tawny Newsome and Alex Sparrow.

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12 thoughts on ““Space Force” Renewed for Second Season at Netflix

    1. Alistair Girvan I always give every show I watch every chance, but four episodes in, I just didn’t like it at all and I was really disappointed because I wanted to like this

    2. Craig Anderson it was amazing how they managed to not make it even slightly funny. I tried, really did, but it was just shockingly bad.

      They find budget for this, but cancel Mindhunter. Ridiculous waste of money.

    3. New On Netflix UK except it has been cancelled – I had read that it was on indefinite hold with no plans to start on series 3, which was recently changed to no plans at all for series 3.

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