SyFy’s “The Expanse” Picked Up by Amazon – Future on Netflix Unsure

The popular sci-fi series “The Expanse” is currently airing it’s third season in America on SyFy and it was recently announced that SyFy were cancelling the show after the current season finished. Almost straight away there were rumours that Amazon were in talks to continue the series on Amazon Prime – Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO, has now announced that this is the case.

While this is great news for American fans of the show it leads to some potential issues for the rest of the world. Outside of North America and New Zealand, “The Expanse” was distributed as a Netflix Original – but it was not a co-production (it’s produced and fully financed by Alcon Television Group). So while we may still get season 3 on Netflix as a Netflix Original (depending on the original distribution deal), the future of the series on Netflix is doubtful at best. It is unlikely that if Amazon are now pulling the strings that they will allow it to be a Netflix Original so it may affect worldwide streaming rights… Only time will tell.

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7 thoughts on “SyFy’s “The Expanse” Picked Up by Amazon – Future on Netflix Unsure

  1. I guess it will depend on whether the Netflix deal with the company that makes it extended to all seasons. I think Sy-Fy only had first run rights and the production company had sold all the non-US rights to Netflix. If that’s still in effect, Amazon could only get the US rights.

    It would be a big surprise if Amazon would accept a deal like that though.

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