Synopsis and Covers Released for “The Magic Order 2” Comic Book Series

Comics stalwart Mark Millar has announced the synopsis for the upcoming comic book series “The Magic Order 2” which will arrive this halloween. The first 6 issues launched monthly from June 2019 and told the story of The Magic Order – five families of magicians sworn to protect our world for generations. The first arc, now available in a single graphic novel, saw the group battle an enemy who was picking them off one by one. We don’t yet have details of the storyline for the second arc ther than the title of “Dirty Wizards” but Volume 2, Issue 1 will be released on October 27th – so head to your local comic shop if you want to get it added to your pull list.

In “The Magic Order 2” there is a new person called Victor Korne, the descendent of a black wizard who ruled half the Earth 500 years ago. Now this guy’s working in a bottle factory and he’s tired of being kept down. He wants to assemble all the old forces and return the world to the way it was.


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