The Best New Additions on Netflix in America This Week (21st May 2021)

If you want to know what to watch this weekend then we’re here to give you the lowdown on this week’s biggest and best additions on Netflix USA. Here we will give you our top picks as well as a full list of everything added to the streaming service in the last week. So here are our top picks from this week’s additions on Netflix USA:

For Film fans this week we have the zombie horror Army of the Dead which sees a group of mercenaries take the ultimate gamble, venturing into the quarantine zone to pull off the greatest heist ever attempted. Added in 3 different languages was 99 Songs is a sensual story about art and self-discovery of a struggling singer who wants to be a successful music composer. In Sleight a young street magician (Jacob Latimore) is left to care for his little sister after their parents’ passing, and turns to illegal activities to keep a roof over their heads. When he gets in too deep, his sister is kidnapped, and he is forced to use his magic and brilliant mind to save her. Sabotage sees members of an elite DEA task force find themselves being taken down one by one after they rob a drug cartel safe house. Cairo 678 tells the poignant story of three women and their search for justice from the daily plight of sexual harassment in Egypt. Finally for films we have Strain which sees a family man struggle to keep his family happy and united when his son is suddenly diagnosed with Sickle Cell Disease. While he tries to raise funds to care for his sick child.

For TV on Netflix USA we have the anime Kuroko’s Basketball which is about five middle school basketball stars who went to separate high schools, and now Tetsuya Kuroko and Seirin High are making their play for glory. In the Spanish comedy The Neighbor Javier is going through a bad patch: he can hardly make it to the end of the month, his business of T-shirts with de-motivational slogans is not quite getting the attention, and his relationship with Lola is shocking. The last thing he needed was for an alien to fall on him and transfer his powers to him before dying. In the Spanish series ¿Quién mató a Sara? Álex is Hell-bent on exacting revenge and proving he was framed for his sister’s murder, so he sets out to unearth much more than the crime’s real culprit. Special sees a young gay man with cerebral palsy branch out from his insular existence in hopes of finally going after the life he wants.

For documentaries we have Amy Tan: Unintended Memoir which sees groundbreaking writer Amy Tan share her life story. In Creating an Army of the Dead Zack Snyder and his “Army of the Dead” team dive into the film’s wild stunts, groundbreaking effects and the evolution of the zombie genre. Hating Peter Tatchell follows gay rights activist Peter Tatchell from his early life to his fight for justice amid controversy and political turmoil. The Oscar-winning documentary The Last Days recounts the harrowing stories of five Hungarian Jews who endured the horrors of the Holocaust and Hitler’s reign.

For younger viewers and families this week Spy Kids: All the Time in the World In Booba: Food Puzzle Curious Booba is now a chef! With friends Loola and Spike, he creates tasty treats with delightful designs using fruits, vegetables and other food. Finally for this week we have Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous where six teens who are invited to attend a state-of-the-art adventure camp on Isla Nublar must band together to survive when the dinosaurs break out of captivity.

Don’t forget to look at the most popular additions this week and for all the Netflix Originals being added in the upcoming week you can read our separate post.

Read on for the full list of this week’s additions:

16 New Films Streaming on Netflix USA:

678 [Cairo 678] (2009) – Arabic
99 Songs (2021) – Hindi
99 Songs (Tamil) (2021) – Tamil
99 Songs (Telugu) (2021) – Telugu
Ahaan (2019) – Hindi
Army of the Dead (2021) (Netflix Film)
Asmaa (2011) – Arabic
Little Singham Future mein Satakli (2021) – Hindi
Love or Money (2020) – Filipino
Sabotage (2014) – Streaming Again
Sardar Ka Grandson (2021) (Netflix Film) – Hindi
Sleight (2016)
Small Town Crime (2017) – Streaming Again
Spy Kids: All the Time in the World [Spy Kids: All the Time in the World in 4D] (2011) – Streaming Again
Strain (2020)
Taxi No. 9211 (2006) – Hindi

4 New Documentaries Streaming on Netflix USA:

Amy Tan: Unintended Memoir (2021)
Creating an Army of the Dead (2021) (Netflix Original)
Hating Peter Tatchell (2020)
The Last Days (1998)

4 New TV Series Streaming on Netflix USA:

Kuroko’s Basketball (2013) [New Episodes] [Season 2 Added] – Japanese
The Neighbor [El vecino] (2021) (Netflix Original) [New Episodes] [Season 2 Added] – European Spanish
¿Quién mató a Sara? [Who Killed Sara?] (2021) (Netflix Original) [New Episodes] [Season 2 Added] – Spanish
Special (2021) (Netflix Original) [New Episodes] [Season 2 Added]

2 New Kids and Family TV Series on Netflix USA:

Booba: Food Puzzle (2021) [Season 1 Added] – No Dialogue
Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous (2021) (Netflix Original) [New Episodes] [Season 3 Added]

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