The Defenders: Teaser Trailer and Easter Eggs

If you haven’t already seen it, Netflix released a short teaser trailer announcing the release date of “The Defenders” which will be released on August 18th. In the clip we see our four heroes Matt Murdoch (Daredevil), Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Danny Rand (Iron Fist) and then Jessica punches out the camera. The video is below – give it a watch and see what little extras you can spot:

Spoiler alert: If you’ve not seen Daredevil Season 2 then skip to the next paragraph! So first of all if you look on the right hand side you’ll see that the lift is in Midland Circle Financial – the company working with The Hand in DD season 2. The voice over saying ‘going down’ – a not very subtle reference more than likely related to going down one of the holes.

One of the more obvious ones (when you understand that Americans put their dates in month-day-year rather than day-month-year) is the release date in the security camera’s time. When Jessica punches the camera the time gets stuck on 08:18:20:17. August 8th 2017.

Less obvious, at the top right, is an IP address of – pop that into your browser (or click this link if you’re lazy) and you get redirected to the New York Bulletin Archive website – a fictional newspaper that just happens to have an interview with Joy and Ward Meachum about Rand Enterprises. There’s also some previous headlines relating to the Marvel Netflix series on there along with an advert for the Chikaro Dojo – click the advert and you’re taken to another website with a few more easter eggs at


It looks like Netflix and Marvel are going all out on promotion for The Defenders and I for one can’t wait to see it. I’ve really enjoyed all the series so far and it will be great to see the culmination in less than five months’ time. Feel free to share your thoughts or let us know if you spot any other Defenders-based surprises.

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