The End is Nigh: House of Cards to End After Season 6 – Spacey to Blame?

Currently in production, season 6 of “House of Cards” starring Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright, will be the final season of the show. The groundbreaking series, based on a BBC mini-series of the same name, was the first Netflix Original and premiered back in 2013. The current scandal around Spacey is rumoured to be the reason for the cancellation although sources are now saying the decision had been made months ago.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter and Deadline

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31 thoughts on “The End is Nigh: House of Cards to End After Season 6 – Spacey to Blame?

  1. Yeah, might be just an allegation, but Spacey’s statement is still disgusting – he could’ve just left it at ‘it was 30 years ago, I can’t remember’, and then apologising, but saying he was drunk, and then coming out, even though he’s threatened to sue multiple times for people even alluding to him being gay? That’s the disgusting part, whether the allegation is true or not…

  2. Oh I agree he’s used I’m gay as a clear deflection. But with more and more of these allegations everyday I’m struggling to believe them due to a massive lack of evidence.

  3. What would you call them Jenny F Powers? Are we just to take everyone at their word? These are allegations they have zero evidence and for alot of people they don’t seem to require any evidence..hence witch hunt.

  4. To be fair he did say it would have been massively inappropriate, and apologised

    And he’s lucky it didn’t go further than the guy said it did

    What he got wrong was the idea being gay was an excuse for doing it in the first place

  5. 33 years ago is recent ?

    If it was a 1 off I think he’ll get away with it, and as disgusting as making advances to a kid is, he’s very lucky that’s all it was and didn’t go further

    If more people come out and say he did things, he’s screwed

  6. According to some news sites, including the Guardian, Netflix made this decision “months ago”. Even though it probably is true, they haven’t even _officially_ confirmed it yet. The story was run by Variety who claimed that they had “learned” that the show was going to be cancelled from an unnamed source; everyone else has just repeated what they claimed.

    1. I first saw it on The Hollywood Reporter.

      But yes, the ‘because of Spacey’ was always questionable – hence my wording in the article. I’ve now updated it with the news about it already being cancelled.

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