The G Word: Obamas’ Higher Ground to Create Comedy Series Based on “The Fifth Risk”


Higher Ground Productions, the Obamas’ media company, has teamed up with Adam Conover (“Adam Ruins Everything”) to create a new comedy sketch show titled “The G Word”. The series is based on the Michael Lewis book “The Fifth Risk” which tracks the transition from the Obama administration to the Trump administration; in particular following the Agriculture, Commerce and Energy departments.

According to Deadline the series will “go inside the machine of government and introduce viewers to the civil servants who make it work. It will ask whether ‘government’ is a dirty word or a trusted institution.” The series will be a mixture of comedy sketches and documentary and will begin production in early 2021.

While it’s been reported that the book is somewhat critical of Trump, the author has been quoted as saying “Obama shared responsibility for the government’s inefficiency and that he did not do enough to fix the problems outlined in ‘The Fifth Risk.’ Trump is symptom, not just cause here, we don’t elect someone who is so ignorant and negligent unless we got to the point where we so misvalue and misunderstand the thing he’s running.” [via The New York Times]

The Obamas bought the rights to the book in late 2018 as their first purchase for Higher Grounds Productions as part of their overall deal with Netflix.

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