The Story Behind David Lynch’s Monkey Interrogation Film “WHAT DID JACK DO?”

On January 20th, David Lynch’s 74th birthday, Netflix viewers around the globe were treated to an unexpected ‘new’ film from the renowned director titled “WHAT DID JACK DO?” with the somewhat intriguing description of “A detective interrogates a monkey who is suspected of murder.” Initially many users thought it was some weird test video that was accidentally released to the public but upon seeing the name of renowned director David Lynch it was clear this was something real.

While doing some research onto this seemingly new addition, we discovered that the film was, in fact, first shown in 2017. On the Facebook fan page Lynchland – David Lynch Archivist there is a post from November 2017 that goes into some detail of the film’s history. On November 8th Lynch screened this new film, titled “What did Jack do?”, at the Fondation Cartier pour l’art Contemporain with a few selected guests, including his longtime friend Patti Smith.

Lynch at the Premiere of “What Did Jack Do?” – November 2017. Credit: Lynchland – David Lynch Archivist

The short film, which stars Lynch as the detective as well as the mouth and voice of the talking monkey, was filmed in 2016 and he even mentioned back in December 2014 in an interview with British newspaper The Guardian.

Although Twin Peaks is taking up most of his time he is also working on something that sounds typically Lynchian. “Right now I’m mostly writing, I’ve got a painting going and I’m building a chair. I love to build things and this is for a monkey film. I’m working with a monkey named Jack and that’ll come out sometime. It is not a chimpanzee, the monkey came up from South America.”

Fun fact: If you watch the film and look through the credits it does, indeed, mention David Lynch in the credits for both Set Design and Set Construction.

So, there we have it! This ‘new’ Netflix film isn’t that new at all but is a way for the world to witness this somewhat bizarre talking monkey film from David Lynch that, otherwise, may have been lost to obscurity over the years!

You can watch the film via the links here:

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